The Specktators Collective

#21 | How To Copy Other Podcasts

Packy is finally braces free! The guys discuss the US Open, Kid Cudi and Kanye West's collaborative album, "Kids See Ghosts," YouTube comment accusations of podcasts copying other podcasts, American government services being behind the times, iHOP's newest marketing promotion, and more!

#18 | Media... Media... Media...

Daggs joins the podcast this week as a last minute guest addition. The guys talk Spotify, Kendrick Lamar slamming a fan for using the n-word on stage, the NFL's new rules regarding protests, Kanye spending $85,000 on Pusha T's album cover picture rights, iconic album covers, fashion trends, and more.

#17 | What Is Packy's Net Worth?

Marcus Ryan joins Moe-T and Packy for a discussion on hangovers, Yanny v Laurel, Marcus's upcoming releases and his story before signing to The Specktators Collective, fighting your inner perfectionist, keeping up with the Joneses in hip-hop, how many songs artists actually have in their "vaults," and more.